CityLoops actions

The CityLoops project is developing a series of innovative procedures, approaches and open access and open source tools to embed circularity within planning and decision making processes for construction and demolition waste and biowaste in cities. The seven cities involved in CityLoops are structuring their pilots in three phases:

  • inception and preparation phase, including a series of preparatory analysis and stakeholder mapping and participatory planning;
  • demonstration phase, during which the solutions will be implemented and tested, and
  • replication phase, when the CityLoops measures will be upscaled at regional and European level

The solutions and actions go from instruments for predicting future excavated CDW and soil production, to awareness-raising campaigns, circularity decision making support tool, simulation of impacts 3D visualisation tools and procurement guidelines for biowaste products. A total of ten demonstration actions will be implemented, testing over 30 new tools and processes.

The tools developed by Bodø, Høje-Taastrup and Roskilde are to be implemented in demonstration actions aimed at construction and demolition waste, while Porto is developing tools to be implemented in demonstration actions within biowaste. Apeldoorn, Mikkeli and Seville are tackling both waste streams with the tools they develop. (More information about these tools and demonstration actions can be found on the respective city pages)