Business Cases

CDW Business cases

CityLoops wants to ensure the economic viability of its demonstration actions, and provide a strong rationale for upscaling at regional level and replicating elsewhere in other cities. This is why it aims to back the demonstration actions in  both waste streams with strong business cases. In the case of CDW, they are the following:

  • In Apeldoorn, business cases will be developed for the valorisation of materials made of reclaimed concrete, such as sidewalk tiles made from crushed cement bricks.
  • In Bodø, business case development focuses on soil valorisation.
  • In Høje-Taastrup, business cases will focus on selective demolition and on the use of recycled materials for the new town hall
  • In Mikkeli, scaling up circular CDW management practices will be explored with local stakeholders during a series of innovation workshops held at least once a month during the preparation and implementation phase of the demonstrations. A particular focus will be put on the digital material marketplace and how to reach out to potential suppliers and buyers.
  • In Roskilde, a business case will be developed on circular construction of Car Park 1 ‘Indfaldet’, where, for instance, crushed concrete has been used for the subbase instead of virgin gravel. 
  • In Seville, a business case will be prepared to assess the possibility of reusing CDW as filling elements in EMASESA’s construction works.