FIEC EU Webinar - Which future for public works?

8 Mar 2022, 14:00-15:30

FIEC EU Webinar - Which future for public works?

FIEC EU will organise on 8 March 2022 the webinar 'Which future for public works?' The event is part of the webinar series 'Making the business case for green construction' and will gather speakers and companies with a focus on sustianablity in civil engineering and the green transition.

During the webinar speakers will discuss among other things how strategic procurement can shape the future of sustainable public works. Furthermore, the webinar will emphasise the importance of public sector engagement with industry associations and market actors. This is crucial to enable a circular, green and digital transition in the construction sector and to ensure that SME's (representing 95% of construction companies and 80% of the sector's turnover in Europe) are not left behind.


Domenico Campogrande - FIEC EU


Kaitlyn Dietz - ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability


Anna Lupi - European Commission
Claus Wilhelmsen - City of Copenhagen
Maud Vastbinder - SKAO
Piero Petrucco - ANCE

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