Høje-Taastrup (Denmark)

In Høje-Taastrup, the entire geographical area was treated as the site for potential demonstration projects. This wide geographical scope enabled Høje-Taastrup to have 5 demonstration cases spanning both private and public projects. The transformation of the old city hall grounds, the demolition of Taastrupgård, the construction of the new city hall, the development of recycled sidewalk tiles, and circular soil management contributed to diverse successes. Circular criteria were added to the tendering material for the sale of the old city hall; over 1000 tonnes of concrete was successfully diverted from the demolition of Taastrupgård for the foundation of the new city hall; and over 30 tonnes of CO2 were saved through circular soil management. More information about Høje-Taastrup's results in CityLoops can be found in their Demonstration Report below. 

CDW Demonstration Report


Demonstration action 1: Høje-Taastrup City Hall: Influencing circularity in demolition

Demonstration action 2: Construction of Høje-Taastrup’s New City Hall

Demonstration action 3: Taastrupgård: selective demolition of social housing apartment blocks

Demonstration action 4: Recycled sidewalk tile

Demonstration action 5: Circular soil management