Mikkeli (Finland)

Mikkeli focused on both CDW and bio-waste in CityLoops. The focus of bio-waste demonstration actions in Mikkeli was on improving the recovery of nutrients from bio-waste streams into recycled products and creating business opportunities for local companies. The city also collaborated extensively with citizens in implementing new collection and sorting processes to upgrade the quality of the collected waste. Its key demonstrationa actions in circular construction related to the demolition of two public buildings: the Pankalampi Health Care Centre and the Tuukkala hospital. In addition the city explored decision-making processes and policy interventions related to the systemic changes needed in the context of the transition to a circular ecoonmy. More information about Mikkeli's results in CityLoops can be found in the two demonstration  reports below and its urban circularity assessment. 


CDW Demonstration Report

Bio-waste Demonstration Report

Urban Circularity Assessment


Construction & Demolition Waste

Demonstration action 1: Circular demolition of a hospital and a healthcare centre 


Demonstration action 1: Bio-waste collection and sorting: pilot project

Demonstration action 2: Bio-waste treatment: pilot and laboratory scale experiments