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Apeldoorn worked on the circular renovation of a residential street and  developed processing methods and business models to enable the upcycling of biomass. Learn more


Bodø’s demonstration actions focused on encouraging the circular reuse and repurposing of construction & demolition waste (CDW), as well as citizen and stakeholder participation. Learn more


In Høje-Taastrup, the entire geographical area was treated as the site for potential demonstration projects. This wide geographical scope enabl the city to have 5 demonstration cases spanning both private and public projects. Learn more


Mikkeli worked on improving the recovery of nutrients from bio-waste streams and explored decision-making processes and policy interventions related to the systemic changes needed in the context of the transition to a circular ecoonmy. Learn more


Porto focused on the social economy sector, the tourism sector (restaurants and hotels) and residential neighbourhoods with high-rise buildings – primarily via improving bio-waste collection systems and facilitating both reuse and composting. Learn more


In CityLoops Roskilde  developed procedures, methods, instruments and generated knowledge to promote a circular transition, through a series of demonstration projects based in the urban development area Musicon. Learn more


Seville developed a software tool designed to optimise the logistics of biowaste collection and engaged citizens and stakeholders to raise more awareness on circular waste management, prevention and collection. Learn more

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