Seville (Spain)

Seville produces over 270,000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste (CDW) per year, and around 123,000 tonnes of biowaste, recycling, respectively, 16,1% and 5%. In addition, most of the recycled CDW is used for building works and road fillings. Through its participation in CityLoops, Seville aims to increase the recycling rates of CDW and enable the transition from downcycling to higher quality recycling.

Regarding biowaste, Seville will work to expand and optimise the collection, treatment and valorisation across the city. In doing so, it will aim to optimise the collection from households and large generators, initiate awareness raising campaigns to reduce food waste and enhance correct waste separation, and develop a plan with recommendations for the upscaling of collection and the valorisation of this waste fraction for the entire city.

Seville's Implementation Plan on Bio-waste

Seville's Implementation Plan on CDW


Construction & Demolition Waste

Demonstration action 1: Renovation of water pipelines with circular material management 

Demonstration action 2: Optimising clean points

Demonstration action 3: Best Practice Guidelines for CDW Management in Seville


Demonstration action 1: Separate bio-waste collection route in a neighbourhood of Seville

Demonstration action 2: Biomethane production from biowaste in co-digestion with sludge