Seville (Spain)

Aiming to improve both the quantity and purity of the biowaste collected by the city, as part of its work in CityLoops, Seville installed a set of biowaste collection containers giving exclusive access to neighbourhood citizens and commercial establishments. This was accompanied by a an information and awareness raising campaign and a software tool designed to optimise the logistics of biowaste collection. Seville also worked with local schools to raise awareness on food waste prevention. Its demonstration actions related to circular construction, focused on the renovation of water pipelines with circular material management, the optimisation of clean points (municipal facilities to specific waste management such as CDW),  the development of an IT tool for data driven decision making, and the creation of Best Practice Guidelines for CDW Management in Seville. More information on Seville's results in CityLoops can be found below in their demonstration reports and their Urban Circularity Assessment.


CDW Demonstration Report

Bio-waste Demonstration Report

Urban Circularity Assessment



Construction & Demolition Waste

Demonstration action 1: Renovation of water pipelines with circular material management 

Demonstration action 2: Optimising clean points

Demonstration action 3: Best Practice Guidelines for CDW Management in Seville


Demonstration action 1: Separate bio-waste collection route in a neighbourhood of Seville

Demonstration action 2: Biomethane production from biowaste in co-digestion with sludge