Bodø (Norway)

Bodø, located just above the Arctic Circle, has seen its population increase by 12% over the last decade. For the municipality, CityLoops is an opportunity to transform itself from “being an airport with a city on the outskirts to becoming a city with a modern airport and an international traffic hub.” While this is a major challenge, it also provides Bodø with a great opportunity to explore new approaches to addressing circularity in the construction sector. Bodø recycles around 50% of the 200,000 tonnes of CDW it produces yearly. Through its participation in the CityLoops project, it seeks to increase its circular way of thinking and develop a planning and decision-making tool that demonstrates the attractiveness of the circular economy to investors.

A new Airport for a new city

Bodø is closing down its military airport and developing a new civilian airport, which will bring about a large expansion of the city over the coming decades. This gives the city a great opportunity for a series of on-site circular demonstration actions within the CityLoops project. These actions will be related to the re-use, repurposing and recycling of CDW and soil at the airport area and should enable Bodø to rethink its handling of construction and demolition waste and to pilot circular approaches.

For more information/questions, please contact demonstration manager Tor  Gausemel Kristensen: