Bodø (Norway)

Bodø’s work in CityLoops was done in the context of the major urban development project: ‘New Airport / New City’. An old military airport is being demolished and a new part of the city will be built in the area cleared. In another area, a new airport will be built. Bodø’s demonstration actions focused on encouraging the circular reuse and repurposing of construction & demolition waste (CDW), as well as citizen and stakeholder participation. They included embedding circular management processes in the demolition of the city's militariy airport, establishing a practice of stakeholder and citizen engagement in city development and embedding circular strategies in the panning of the new city district. CityLoops gave the city a great opportunity to influence the material and mass handling of the process, leading less waste, more reuse and repurposing of structures. More information about Bodø’s's results in CityLoops can be found in the demonstration report and urban circularity assessment below.

CDW Demonstration Report

Urban Circularity Assessment 

Construction and Demolition Waste

Demonstration action 1: Demolition of the military airport with circular material management

Demonstration action 2: Involving stakeholders and citizens in city development using innovative tools

Demonstration action 3: Embedding circular strategies into the planning of a new city district