Roskilde (Denmark)

Roskilde’s demonstration actions focus on the Musicon district, a 200,000 m2 former concrete factory and gravel pit, which Roskilde Municipality (RK) bought in 2003. The ambition is to create a new neighbourhood like no place else. No grand ’master plan’ that locks the development of the area into a specific direction has ever been made. Instead, the different projects are created step-by-step in a collaboration between citizens, developers, architects, cultural institutions, local businesses and the municipality, which means that Musicon is a dynamic site in constant movement and change. In Musicon, existing buildings are being refurbished or demolished and structures, construction materials and soil are being used in new constructions.

Demonstration action 1: Preservation and selective demolition of Hall 11/12

Demonstration action 2: Circular construction of parking garages

Demonstration action 3: Circular soil management