Høje-Taastrup (Denmark)

The demonstration actions of Høje-Taastrup (HTK) focus both on including circular practices in public construction projects, as well as on influencing construction and demolition projects for buildings and sites not directly owned by the municipality. Some projects are municipal while others are private, and they are at different stages of planning and execution at the start of the project. This enables HTK to see what impact the municipality can have by getting involved at various phases of each project and to develop and test planning and decision-making frameworks through these cases.

Høje-Taastrup's Implementation Plan on CDW


Demonstration action 1: Høje-Taastrup Town Hall: Influencing circularity in demolition

Demonstration action 2: Construction of Høje-Taastrup’s New Town Hall

Demonstration action 3: Taastrupgård: selective demolition of social housing apartment blocks

Demonstration action 4: Recycled sidewalk tile

Demonstration action 5: Circular soil management