Høje-Taastrup (Denmark)

The majority of the 300,000 tonnes of CDW produced every year in Høje-Taastrup is downcycled and used mostly for road foundations. The Danish municipality is a partner in CityLoops, through which it wants to develop a decision making framework for public construction and demolition projects, bringing together relevant stakeholders to co-create an innovative tool that meets the need of each actor. In doing so, it aims to promote the use of demolition materials that are as high as possible in the waste hierarchy and to prevent the transport of soil over long distances.


Developing a decison-making framework

As a demonstration activity in the CityLoops project, the City of Høje-Taastrup plans to develop a decision-making framework for public construction and demolition projects for all stakeholders involved in the construction and demolition value chain. The framework will help to identify possible material reuse cases during demolition, and soil storage points that keep the soil as close as possible to potential reuse locations. The city wants to use this framework to promote the reuse of demolition materials and to prevent the transportation of soil over long distances.

For more information/questions, please contact demonstration manager Erika Yates: ErikaYa@htk.dk