Mikkeli (Finland)

Only 38% of the 6,900 tonnes of bio-waste Mikkeli's citizens produce yearly is recycled, mainly as compost. Consequently, Mikkeli’s aim within CityLoops is to improve the recovery of nutrients from bio-waste streams into recycled products and to collaborate with citizens in implementing new collection and sorting processes to upgrade the quality of the collected waste.

Regarding construction and demolition waste (CDW), Mikkeli recycles 85% of the 33,000 tonnes of CDW it produces per year, using the recycled material mostly for road- and land-fillings. Through CityLoops, it aims to substantially improve the rate of CDW reuse and recycling for demolition projects and create new business opportunities for local companies.

Mikkeli's Implementation Plan on Bio-waste

Mikkeli's Implementation Plan on CDW


Construction & Demolition Waste

Demonstration action 1: Circular demolition of a hospital and a healthcare centre 


Demonstration action 1: Bio-waste collection and sorting: pilot project

Demonstration action 2: Bio-waste treatment: pilot and laboratory scale experiments