Final webinar and workshop - CDW in CityLoops

27 Sep 2023, 13:00-16:00

- online

Final webinar and workshop - CDW in CityLoops

CityLoops final webinar and workshop on CDW will present in depth the main results from the project's work with Construction and Demolition Waste, giving an overview of how they could be replicated in other cities.

The CityLoops legacy is a Handbook for Circular Construction intended for cities and local governments that are new to the concept, alongside 9 Replication Packages: Planning and decision making, Tendering and procurement, Circular demolition, Circular soil use, Data and material passports, Recycling concrete, Material banks and marketplaces, Stakeholder involvement and Business cases. At the final workshop, we would like to address these Replication Packages, sharing recommendations and lessons learned, demo action experiences and CityLoops instruments.

If you want a sneak peak you can already find the 9 replication packages on the CityLoops website.


Introduction part" - 1 hour - an overview of main CityLoops' outcomes:

13.00 Welcome & agenda, Pernille Kernel from the Capital Region of Denmark
13.05 Main results & Handbook of Circular Construction, Leslie Petitjean from ICLEI
13.30 The 9 Replication Packages, Pernille Kernel from the Capital Region of Denmark
13.40 Focus on business cases for concrete and soil with Høje Taastrup study case, Erika Yates from Høje Taastrup Municipality
14.00 Coffee break

2. "Deep dives into experiences and instruments" – 1h45min

14:15 Planning and decision making, Thomas Budde or Martin Visby Buchard from Roskilde University (20 min) and Kimmo Haapea from Miksei Mikkeli (10 min)
14:50 Circular procurement and the Procurement Handbook, Sanne van Asselt and Jan Jaap Blüm from Alba Concepts (20 min) and Christian Jurado Meza from Bodø Municipality (10 min)
15:25 Recycling of soil and concrete incl business case and risk management, Klaus Kellerman, Roskilde Municipality
15:50 Final reflections and goodbye, Pernille Kernel, Capital Region of Denmark

Participants are very welcome to attend both parts, but the first part is especially relevant for those want to have a better understanding of how CityLoops results can be implemented beyond the project scope, both practically in other cities throughout Europe and politically in sustainability strategies.

The webinar can be accessed via the link below. Registration is not needed. Add it to your calendar!

Image (Roskilde)

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