Apeldoorn becomes circular with marketplace for materials from the public space

4 Jul 2022

Apeldoorn becomes circular with marketplace for materials from the public space

The municipality of Apeldoorn has joined the network of circular projects at the online 'marketplace' for materials from the public space, Duspot. On this platform, leftover materials from public space throughout the Netherlands are offered for reuse.

Within the EU project CityLoops, Apeldoorn is working on a circular renovation of the Griffiersveld street (residential area De Maten).

As a municipality, Apeldoorn has great ambitions in the area of sustainability. Circularity - closing waste streams and thus keeping residual waste to a minimum - is an important topic in this respect. Many materials are used in construction projects, but also many old materials are thrown away.

“Often, old materials can still be put to good use”, says Adriaan Hellemans, Apeldoorn's project manager in CityLoops: "In the planned renovation of the Griffiersveld street, 3000 m2 of paving stones will be reused. These are no longer suitable in their current function, but we grind them and reuse them as an underlayer under the new paving stones, for example. Materials that we cannot reuse are offered at Duspot."

The contractor for this project, GWW Pannekoek, also uses Duspot. Hellemans: "Together we can determine where we can best give the materials a second life.”

Within CityLoops Apeldoorn wants to gain experience with the platform. In cooperation with the departments of Management and Maintenance and Spatial Design and Realization, the project team will experience how the use of Duspot contributes to the awareness and acceleration of the circular economy.

The use of Duspot was made possible by the Horizon 2020 CityLoops project.

For questions about the CityLoops project in Apeldoorn, please contact Adriaan Hellemans:

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